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At Skill Hub Consulting, we are committed to helping NGOs succeed by leveraging the best tools and strategies available to maximize their impact.


We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help NGOs better manage projects, raise funds and engage top leadership and management.

Financial Report

Project Management

Skill Hub Consulting takes care of every aspect of your project, enabling your team to concentrate on other tasks.

Proposal Writing

Skill Hub Consulting assists your organization in creating a clear, succinct, and persuasive proposal, enhancing your ability to secure grants from donors in a competitive environment.

Working from Home
Business Presentation with Headset

Training and Facilitation

Skill Hub Consulting offers expertise in addressing organizational challenges and crisis management. Our training and facilitation services empower both executives and staff, enhancing productivity and fostering sustainable outcomes.

Leadership and management

Skill Hub Consulting assists your organization to create systems and procedures that create a conducive and highly effective workplace leadership skills to attain organisational objectives effectively.



Skill Hub Consulting provides leaders with a customised approach to enhance their organization's performance by applying best practices. Our service empowers leaders to refine their decision-making skills, leading to produce strong and impactful outcomes.


Watch feedback on mentoring by Mamoud from YOMSUD-SL, Sierra Leone.


Viability Assessment

An organizational viability test, also known as a viability assessment, is a structured evaluation process used to assess the overall health and sustainability of an organization. It aims to determine whether an organization is well-positioned to continue its operations successfully into the future. Conducting such a test can help an organization identify strengths and weaknesses, make informed decisions, and take actions to ensure its long-term viability.

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